Friends and Family Affected by Myeloma

Need help understanding the pros and cons of SCT before making a decision


I’m looking for some help from people that have dealt with Stem Cell
Transplant. My sister is going through a very rough time since starting
chemo in July. Now her doctor has taken her off of the chemo and is
considering SCT due to her extreme weight loss since starting chemo.
She is also suffering with severe depression and contemplating not doing
the SCT. Please…she needs some encouraging words from people that
have been through the process. As her sister, I have tried to impress
on her the importance of staying positive but as time goes on it becomes
more and more difficult to convince her to keep going. Thank you all
for your help in this and best wishes & GREAT health to you all.


Hi Lukey,

My DBF was diagnosed with MM in February 2014. It came as a total shock to the both of us. Neither of us had ever even heard of Multiple Myeloma. We both began to do our research. There is a saying, “knowledge is power”, it is very true. I think all of us fear what we don’t know. In August 2014, he had his SCT. I am very happy to tell you, he came through it beautifully. He returned to work full time 6 weeks later. He continues to take 10 mg Revlimid per day but, he is doing great! We are just so thankful.
My thoughts & prayers to you and your sister. If I can help you in any way, please reach out to me.
I wish you all the best.

God Bless,


Hi Jersey Gyrl,
Thank you so much for your response. I hope this will help my sister to make a decision about the SCT. It was refreshing to hear of a positive outcome for a change. We have talked to several people in our community that have been through the SCT process but had to deal with many setbacks. So glad your DBF is doing well & I hope he continues to improve.

Prayers & best wishes to both of you.Lukey

Have a fabulous day,Later,LINDA


Hi Lukey,

I hope this is helpful to your sister. I’m sure she is apprehensive, which is completely understandable. We were too. In fact, I did not want my DBF to have the SCT. It was all based on fear of the unknown. A few months before the transplant i read Robin Roberts book “Everybody’s Got Something”. She had a bone marrow transplant for MDS. After reading that, I had a much better understanding and I was onboard with my DBF having the transplant. I highly recommend you and your sister reading that book! It sheds a lot of light on the subject.
My thoughts and prayers to you both.

God Bless,


Thank you JerseyGyrl,
I’ll be ordering this book today. Your advice is much appreciated.
God bless you & your DBF

Have a fabulous day,Later,LINDA